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Every drug related death in Scotland is an avoidable tragedy. Even worse, the numbers are rising.

How can we stop this trend and save those most at risk?

The Drugs Deaths Taskforce was established in July 2019 by the Minister for Public Health and Sport, supported by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

This website is intended to provide a window on the work of the Taskforce in urgently developing the programme of actions to meet Scotland’s unique challenge, ensuring that the evidence of what would work most effectively is continually assessed and acted upon, and that stakeholders amongst the critical agencies involved in the challenge are engaged in the coordinated application of best practice.

The Taskforce is organised into a small number of subgroups and reference groups, and pursues the six evidence-based strategies it has identified as the foundation of its emergency response. It has also worked with partners on a published strategy to tackle the stigma around drugs and the people who use them.

A well as providing detail on these, this website will feature updates on their progress.