Interim Report Published

01 July, 2021

The Drug Deaths Taskforce has published its Interim Report detailing the work and further progress of the Drug Deaths Taskforce (DDTF) following the One Year Report published on 31 July 2020.  

Summarising its work in terms of innovation projects, research projects, and interventions through ADP direct funding under the categories of Emergency Response, Reducing Risk and Reducing Vulnerability, the Report offers an appraisal of how and when these will impact.

The Interim Report is available here.

Professor Catriona Matheson:

Since its inception, The Taskforce has worked urgently to identify the areas of action that can make a sustainable impact against the challenge of drug related deaths in Scotland and save lives. The Report outlines this important work as the Taskforce moves into its second phase which will focus on providing recommendations to the Scottish Government for the national roll out of effective interventions now identified, and for the further exploration of key issues.