New National Resource around Opioid Agonist Treatment

02 November, 2021

A new National Resource has been created focusing on Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT).

This resource fits under Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), but is specific to Opiate replacement/agonist treatment.

This came from an initial request for guidance of this kind by South Lanarkshire ADP and the guidance was developed by Network of People who Use Drugs (NPUD), a peer led user organisation, and adapted for the Scottish context.

Duncan Hill from NHS Lanarkshire said - 'We were responding to a request from the ADP in South Lanarkshire for a single leaflet on treatment options for patients starting on Opioid Agonist Treatment as recommended in the "Staying Alive" action plan and the MAT standards, and I had approached all other boards, everybody had lots of separate information leaflets but nothing on a single page. I extended to search for the leaflet to colleagues in England and I connected with colleagues, who had been developing a medication information leaflet for a study with EuroNPUD, along with colleagues in Germany and Sweden. Their leaflet had been written by people with lived experience and was finalised. Colleagues at EuroNPUD gave the opportunity to comment on their final draft for the leaflet that EuroNPUD were going to use but also welcomed us to adapt and prepared the leaflet for use in Scotland. We formed a group from the Specialist Pharmacists in Substance Misuse (SPiSM) and  a representative from DDTF to make the necessary changes for a Scotland wide leaflet and added some key Scottish contacts. EuroNPUD offered the services of the graphic designer they had used to prepare their leaflet and this attached leaflet is the final version and we hope will be used Scotland wide to provide information to new patients on the range of treatment options for Opioid Agonist Treatment. It was a pleasure to work with those at EuroNPUD, and we are very grateful for all their help with permission to adapt the leaflet they had designed and support through the process, a very good collaboration' 


This guidance can be found here - Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) - Guidance for Scotland | Drug Deaths Taskforce

Please have a read and share with your peers.