Round 8 Project Funding Confirmation

06 April, 2021

Five projects with total funding of almost £750,000 have been confirmed to run across the next 12-24 months. These are aimed at further building the evidence-base, capacity and rapid dissemination of learnings in addressing drug-related deaths in Scotland. The projects will also offer immediate support to those they touch directly.

The projects comprise:




Amount Awarded


Sub group

REACH Advocacy

Developing a rights-based approach to the delivery of the MAT standards.

£294,720 (over 2 years)

The aim of this project is to work with the MAT Programme team to identify target areas to scale up the implementation of MAT and provide training and workforce development in order to influence a systems and cultural change. The project will use a co-production approach.


MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

NHS Borders

Capacity building in Tier 2 psychological interventions in NHS and Third Sector services to support compliance with MAT Standard 6.

£68,611(over one year)

This project aims to build capacity within drug services to provide Tier 2 psychological interventions to support individuals whose current complexity or instability means they are not in a position to engage with their recommended psychological therapy. This will support work to meet MAT Standard 6 and will also include a workforce development role to ensure improved competency.



NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Pharmacist Clinical Input – Rapid Access and Follow-up

£75,112 (over one year)

The projects aim is to reduce drug related deaths and meet treatment waiting times in rural localities by providing same day prescribing and allowing quicker access to treatment. An additional aim is to improve patient experience, by providing a flexible treatment model which would facilitate an open-door drop-in resource, whilst providing long term maintenance treatment provision in patient’s local communities.



Edinburgh HSCP

Expansion & Evaluation of Milestone House Intermediate Care Unit

£220,000 (over one year)

This project is to expand and stabilize provision of the Milestone House Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) which has developed as a response to COVID and which is becoming an important component in the local system of care. Its aim is to expand and refine exceptional emerging practice and develop a sustainable service model for local commissioning and potential replication elsewhere.


MCN (Multiple Complex Needs)

Edinburgh CHAI

Welfare Benefits Outreach Worker – Recovery Hubs

£78,471 (over two months)

With this grant CHAI will develop an outreach welfare benefits service in Edinburgh, to provide income maximisation, advice on benefits, money, housing, and representation in Tribunal/ Court to hard-to-reach individuals affected by substance misuse who do not engage with the recovery hubs.

This proposal is based on the rationale that early intervention work aiming at improving the financial and housing situation of people at high risk and with complex needs can alleviate their mental health issues and encourage them to engage with other support services, in time reducing risks of relapse or death as a result of drug use