Taskforce to receive 10,000 free Naloxone Kits

26 January, 2021

Ethypharm, the speciality pharmaceutical company focused on CNS and critical care medicines, has confirmed its offer to supply 10,000 Naloxone kits across 2021 to The Drug Deaths Taskforce. The company, which is the licence holder for Prenoxad Injection, has made the gesture to support the work of the Taskforce in increasing engagement, overdose prevention education and naloxone training and supply with people at risk of overdose and their families. Prenoxad is the world’s first ‘take-home’ naloxone presentation licenced for use in a non-medical setting.

Professor Catriona Matheson, Chair of the Taskforce:

“This is great news for both the Taskforce, and those at high risk of fatal overdose that we are trying to support. The evidence is clear that the more kits we can get out into distribution, the better the chance we have of saving lives.

The development of Prenoxad itself followed the extensive work and direct calls for widening access to opioid antidotes, largely driven by Scottish researchers; public health specialists; clinicians; pharmacists; several 3rd sector organisations, families, and people at risk of opioid related overdose. This initiative will continue and extend this effective collaboration which has played a vital part in delivering this research led and vital resource to communities.”

Steven Malloy of Ethypharm:

Like anyone else who read the Drugs Related Deaths Report published in Dec 2020, we were deeply saddened to learn of the number of people who tragically lost their lives in 2019, and the continuing trends reported.

Ethypharm believe that additional training and supply over and above what it currently being supplied may contribute to protecting some people who are at risk of death and have an impact on Scotland’s drugs deaths in 2021, particularly if we can help develop new pathways and supply routes to those at risk and their families, friends and wider communities. We have asked that the Taskforce support this and ensure that this is indeed the case for these extra 10,000 kits.”

 It is proposed the delivery will be through naloxone leads in each area.