Taskforce Welcomes Feeley Review into Social Care

19 February, 2021

The DDTF acknowledges the Review, and the indications from Government that it intends to implement its recommendations, as a positive contribution to the challenge of Scotland’s drug-related deaths. We recognise the Review’s call for a change to the way we think about social care, to view it as an enabler of well-being and risk prevention rather than a response once a crisis occurs. This is equally true in the context of drug services and we look forward to engaging with other stakeholders to bring these recommendations to life.

Similarly, the points the review makes around those in need benefiting most by accessing a range of choices, and making those choices consistently available echo with our own findings that programmes tailored to an individual’s needs, and having a choice around how those needs are met will perform best.


Catriona Matheson, Former Chair. Neil Richardson, Former Vice Chair.