M.A.T. Quality Improvement initiatives- stakeholder blogs

We welcome comment on the experience and outcomes of implementing the MAT Standards.These are available below, and listed under the particular Standard the content refers to.

The Standards listing itself is based on the one currently in consultation.

Summary of the standards

1. All people accessing services have the option to start MAT from the same day of presentation.

Putting the Person at the Centre of Service Delivery

Edinburgh Harm Reduction Team

Edinburgh Access Practice - crisis intervention for people experiencing homelessness and substance misuse

2. All people are supported to make an informed choice on what medication to use for MAT, and the appropriate dose.

Long-acting Injectable Buprenorphine

3. All people at high risk of drug-related harm are proactively identified and offered support to commence, re-commence or continue MAT.

Eyemouth Drop In Cafe – Medication Assisted Standards in Practice

Community Inclusion Health Huddle -NHS Lothian’s Harm Reduction Team in partnership with Police Scotland and other 3rd sector agencies

4. All people are offered evidence based harm reduction at the point of MAT delivery.

5. All people will receive support to remain in treatment for as long as requested.

6. The system that provides MAT is psychologically and trauma informed (Tier 1); routinely delivers evidence based low intensity psychosocial interventions (Tier 2); and supports the development of social networks.

7. All people have the option of MAT shared with Primary Care.

8. All people have access to advocacy and support for housing, welfare and income needs.

Using a Human Rights Based Approach in treatment and advocacy

AdvoCard and advocacy for people with problematic alcohol and drug use

9. All people with co-occurring drug use and mental health difficulties can receive mental health care at the point of MAT delivery

10. All people receive trauma informed care.











Community Inclusion Health Huddle - NHS Lothian